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The Siemens SOMATOM Sensation 16 CT machine can perform a whole body 3D image scan of a patient’s arteries in less than 20 seconds with 0.75mm slices. With its remarkablez-Sharp technology, a Sensation 16 CT scanner produces whole body or organ-specific images with excellent clarity and detail at high volume.

The Sensation has the fastest scan times in its class and provides excellent image resolution. The tube cools faster than prior models and has proven to have longer life.CT applications: 16-slice, Abdominal, Angiography, BMD BoneMineralDensity, Brain, Cardiac,Cardiovascular Imaging, Colonography, Dental, Fluoroscopy, Neurology, Pulmonary,Respiratory, Vascular, Virtual colonoscopyStar CT Scan Centre - Broucher 22